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In a World Gone Mobile…
mobile apps | Photo Courtesy of xtress
Value is in the Eye of the Beholder: Optimize Pricing Based on Perceived Value
Sales Compensation Dilemma?
man with dollar sign | Photo Courtesy of filipinoj
Omni-Channel Special Offers
ecommerce distribution channel
Video Blog: Sales Channels Part Two
warehouse jobs - Photo Courtesy of Andrew Ingredients
Cost to Serve
charts and graphs | Photo Courtesy of s_falkow

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About the Editors
Brent R. Grover is a nationally recognized distribution industry consultant, speaker and writer. Brent is a NAW Institute Fellow and the author of six NAW books, including Strategic Pricing for Distributors. He founded Evergreen Consulting, LLC in 2001 to exclusively advise companies in the distribution channel.

Dave Turbide is a certified manufacturing engineer and is certified by APICS as a Supply Chain Professional, at the fellow level in Production and Inventory Management and in Integrated Resource Management. Dave is the current President of the Granite State Chapter of APICS and Vice President for education. He has authored several books, including Computers in Manufacturing, MRP+, and Why Systems Fail, among others.